As college students, we may not be able to give a lot but we have the potential to give our knowledge, strength and our unfaltering faith! Part of our mission at Wesley is to do whatever we can, wherever we can, whenever we can to better God's Kingdom. We are called to make a difference and you can be a disciple of Christ with Wesley in many different ways. 

In the past year, students have participated in campus ministry workdays, working with Habitat for Humanity locally, helping out at the Lighthouse Shelter in Marion, and by various visits to the Southern Illinois Humane Society. Wesley also has a food pantry.


This June, two of Wesley at SIUC's students participated with the IGRC mission trip to Honduras. Click here to read about one of our students experience there! 


On Saturday, October 17, Wesley decided to serve their peers during Unofficial Halloween in hopes to keep some of them safe. We handed out water bottle on the strip and it was a great ministry opportunity! 



Spring Break may be all the way into next semester, but now is a great time to start thinking about what you might want to do!

We will be heading to Johnson City, TN to work with Appalachia Service Project (ASP). We will be discussing cost, details and if we'll be going for a full week or half a week. 

Wesley is down to two options: 1) Leaving Sunday, March 13 and coming back on Friday the 18 or Saturday the 19 or 2) leaving Wednesday, March 16 and coming back Sunday, March 20. We are waiting to see if the second one is an option and we need to see of interest in both options. 

We need a minimum of 5 to go on the trip, Full week cost would be around $390 (a shorter week would take away over $200 of the trip cost). This does not include the added cost of transportation. This will be determined once we know how many are going on the trip.

Deadline for Trip Registration is February 1. 

Deposit of $75 due by December 1 to guarantee a spot on the trip. This is non-refundable. 

Wesley will help raise funds for the cost of the trip! 

Additional cost include transportation (which will be added into the final cost of the trip) and bringing your own money for meals on the road and for souvenirs.

Wesley will have meetings to prepare for the trip three or four starting into the spring semester. We will look at what to bring, what to expect and cover some basic constructions information. I

If you plan to go on trip, you might want to bring some tools when you come back from Christmas break. There will be a list of some we might need on trip.  We won’t know for sure till we get our project, which we should get in February.  

If you are interested in maybe going, email us at!


We are in the process of collecting old mission trip photos! If you have some to contribute, please send them in an email to


If you would like to give to our mission fund to help student go on mission trips, please visit our giving page

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